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Tue 21 Aug 2012 in -37,144:
-37.7228289, 144.1107242

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Private paddock near Bungal dam.



Original plans were an aimless drive, which is the norm for me and my friend, but then we decided to check out the geohash. I have explained geohashing a few times but it never really took off with this certain individual, and since he's got a new car there's a strict "no dirt roads" policy. Which was an added challenge.


Driving around aimlessly I decided to take the reigns so to speak and guided us out to near Bungal and the days geohash, which was unfortunately once again in private property. I wasn't so surprised since this happens quite a lot to me, but my poor buddy who had finally taken a chance with geohashing was let down. Not sure if he'll try it again, but we can see with time. In good news this is another step towards my posted achievement for 100 Private Property failed hashes :)