2012-08-04 40 -89

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Sat 4 Aug 2012 in 40,-89:
40.6396922, -89.4799171

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The backyard of a residential duplex in northern Morton, Illinois.



I saw on Friday that the weekend's Saturday geohash was in Morton, just about 5 km from where I live. I also observed that it was just off Veteran's Drive, which meant bicycle paths almost the whole way there, save for the last half mile or so. I'd never gone that far up the road to see what was there, but the satellite views clearly showed a housing subdivision, with the hashpoint in the backyard of a duplex (would you call a duplex of 5 houses a quintplex?). So I didn't expect to get there proper, but I did want to ride my bike because I need to do that more often.

I set off around 1:30, hoping to be home before 2:30. I knew it was going to rain that day, and just after leaving, I noted how dark the sky actually was. I hoped I wouldn't get rained on and kept going. I reached the spot without problem, and not only was it a housing subdivision, but it was a private housing subdivision (no one allowed except residents and guests). I didn't actually need to go into the subdivision, since the backyard was on Veteran's Drive, but A) I didn't feel like going and talking the the owner, and B) I didn't want to linger long since the sky was looking threatening. Since I came with no expectations I wasn't disappointed.

I headed back, and about a kilometer along the way, I looked down and noticed my GPS had fallen off my bike. I stopped and walked my bike back along the road, in the culvert, and found it probably about 150m back, in the grass. Fortunately it hadn't fallen into the road and gotten run over.

It started raining about half a km before home, so I was pedaling like crazy to avoid the downpour. I made it just in time.



Dvdllr earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (40, -89) geohash on 2012-08-04.
2012-08-04 40 -89 5.jpg