2012-07-21 49 -122

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Sat 21 Jul 2012 in 49,-122:
49.0420860, -122.4041931

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Just off Ross Road, a few blocks west of Abbotsford airport


I'm going to be in Aldergrove anyway this afternoon so I'm going to swing by and see what's there. Probably between 3-4PM.


After completing my plans in Aldergrove, I drove to the hashpoint, hoping it wouldn't be a farmer's field or something inaccessible.

Fortunately, there was plenty of room to pull off the road right by an open gate leading into a small grassy field where the hashpoint was. I didn't drive into the field although there were very obvious muddy tire tracks leading out, so clearly there were people who did drive in this field.

Walked into the field, looked around, looked at my GPS, took photos. I didn't leave any marker, largely because there didn't seem to be much in the way of debris at the hashpoint. It really was just a grassy field, almost a lawn.