2012-06-14 49 -123

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Thu 14 Jun 2012 in 49,-123:
49.2368740, -123.0769562

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in the middle of the knightstreet and 36th ave intersection (Vancouver, BC)



Wijnland bike there TRON style after work

Robbat2 plans to walk there around lunchtime, less than 10 blocks from home

Nightshade plans to walk there in the early afternoon, about an hour's walk from home, and picnic in the park.


Wijnland made it and found some markings left already on the sidewalk. so somebody should also still file a report.

Tracklog with TRON

Wijnland earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (49, -123) geohash without crossing his [{{{tracklog}}} own tracks] on 2012-06-14.
Geohash 20120614N49W123.png