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West of -30°: .1377452, .9602435
East of -30°: .4416141, .1562462
Globalhash: -10.509464139192, -123.7513695438 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Geoff, Erica Geoff * Erica What fortuitous luck! The one day I need to be late at work...
Kenosha, Wisconsin Mary, Phil This one is located near the corner of Dundee Road and Buffalo Grove Road i...
Mt. St. Helens, Washington Michael5000 Off an alley in Longview, Washington.
Astoria, Oregon User:Michael5000 On the beach west of Astoria, Oregon.
Stuttgart, Germany Ekorren Reutlingen-Gönningen, a private green space at the Albtrauf steep slope.

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