2012-05-14 46 -123

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Mon 14 May 2012 in 46,-123:
46.1377452, -123.9602435

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On the beach west of Astoria, Oregon.



A hashpoint on the beach seemed pretty novel (although it turns out it wasn't!) and a great excuse for a little road trip. I started with a less interesting hashpoint, grabbed some lunch, and headed down the Columbia to the coast.

Certain skeptical friends thought the hashpoint would be underwater, but I was not born yesterday and timed my arrival to coincide with low tide. That didn't make this an especially easy expedition, though. It was on a fairly remote stretch of beach, and the only available access point was flooded two points by the swampy ponds that tend to form behind coastal sand dunes.

2012-05-14 46 -123 pond.JPG

I spent a while trying to find alternatives, but eventually just had to find a walking stick and be glad that I hadn't worn good shoes.

2012-05-14 46 -123 crossing.JPG

That having been done, it was just a matter of crossing diagonally across some dunes...

2012-05-14 46 -123 dunes.JPG

to get to the beach.

2012-05-14 46 -123 beach.JPG

Kind of a boring beach, really. Where I grew up, the beaches are strewn with rocks and driftwood and creeks and various interesting features; this was just BEACH. My camera had a hard time finding anything to focus on.

Oregon's beaches are technically public highway, a legal fiction (albeit an excellent one) that prevents private ownership of the seashore. This does mean, though, that on some stretches of beach you may actually be surprised by someone taking the "public highway" thing seriously!

2012-05-14 46 -123 car.JPG

But enough about our charming local customs! I proceeded to the hashpoint. It was a nice walk, about a mile each way, except for the wading. Not for the first time, I was glad I pack a towel and extra shoes in the Geohashing Expedition Vehicle.



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