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West of -30°: .0962780, .2920972
East of -30°: .1853632, .4111400
Globalhash: -56.63461874441, -31.989592490944 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Santa Ana, California Stephen Cerruti Carlsbad, inside a house currently for sale at 1366 Cassins St.
Denton, Texas Neimster The coordinates for this one are in a field just north of the city center o...
Los Angeles, California JesseW A parking lot at 1325 Vermont Ave., Los Angeles.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina Birdray, charlie, unintentionally achieving the, who also dragged a friend Just to one side of a Y-intersection of two roads in the Country Club neigh...
Lockport, New York Hic Sunt Laganum Lockport Road
Madison, Wisconsin McSushi At the intersection of Sudbury and Coach House Road, Madison.
München, Germany DerFlob On a meadow outside of Lochhausen, NW of München.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany QuarterCacher East of Idstein
Chełm, Poland JRK After my last april expedition I had to wait almost 3 weeks for a hash to b...
Amsterdam, Netherlands Murfie Pan van Persijn, Katwijk
Groningen, Netherlands Elwingelfje Lettelbert

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