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West of -30°: .8486950, .4953380
East of -30°: .8771836, .6189639
Globalhash: 67.893049601707, 42.827002336685 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff Off to the side of the road in Vinings.
Denver (NW), Colorado Squenes In a field just south of Prairie Divide Road, about 6 miles northeast of Re...
Bordeaux, France Aramis In Bruges, a small town adjacent to Bordeaux. Maybe in a street, maybe in s...
Venezia, Italy Brixie Country road outside Azzano Decimo, around 15km from here
Erfurt, Germany Rincewind, Juja, Mampfred In front of a car dealer at Jena Lobeda, easy to reach by bike (it's near t...
Malmö, Sweden Llavids In a churchyard at Fulltofta, Hörby, Skåne, Sweden.

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