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Wed 2 May 2012 in 50,11:
50.8771836, 11.6189639

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In front of a car dealer at Jena Lobeda, easy to reach by bike (it's near the cycleway to Stadtroda and Kahla) and also by car (since it's near a freeway exit).



Go there after work, should be quick (and rainy). We're wondering if anyone with a bike has been there before us? ;)



A bike Geohasher has been there indeed - I am not sure whether I came first or not, since this came a bit unprepared for me, too.

I had not checked the coordinates and so Reinhard surprised me a bit when he instructed me to see today's hash at Jena Lobeda - that's too near to miss for sure! But there were several problems in the way:

  • My lovely bike was stolen last week, leaving me with my old "Incredibly Crappy Station Manager Paul Bicycle" (ICSMPB, a fierce competitor for ICWB) that's barely functional... well... parts are falling off all the time... the parts that cling to the frame are not quite working... the pair of pedals makes incredibly weird noises... not to call it a pair, since it's two different ones...) - I think I won't do long tours on that thing.
  • The forecast had predicted bad weather (thunderstorms and all the fun) and kept at least Jens and a Ninja from accompanying me.

But anyway, the point was too close to miss: after work I was going to regular swim training in Lobeda anyway and visiting the Geohash point should be a quick detour of five kms afterwards. I arrived at the pool before the rain started, but while we were swimming it was getting darker and darker outside and soon started to rain. When I was preparing for my way to the hash (a.k.a. "way home") a completely wet girl came in and told us it was raining like mad and would be of no use to even get out of our wet swimming clothes for the way home. Well, if that isn't a good idea! I spontaneously decided to do a little triathlon simulation and cycle to the hash in my swimsuit (and shorts that dry quickly). That way I started out wet and arrived even wetter - drowned rat again!

The point was not too beautiful, in the industrial area between Lobeda and the freeway, so I only took some photos and then hurried home where I finally got a towel, dry clothes and some spare time to fasten some bolts and fix the latest quirks of my bike (which I have done every day now since I brought it to Jena...)

Rincewind and Mampfred[edit]

Hehe, while Juja was already stupidly grinning in the rain (sorry ;), we were still on the highway heading for Jena. Just after the rain had stopped we got there and easily reached the same coordinates and left a little active geohasher poster.

From the hash we spotted a "pub" (a.k.a. the pub with the golden M) and headed there for a "refreshment" (all that driving makes you tired and hungry, right?). Although the kind of pub doesn't qualify for the achievement with the same name ...



ICSMPB at the Geohash point.  
Tiny product placement... there it was.  
Hashpoint reached for Juja.  
Wet Geohasher in swimsuit.  
Bad weather at the hash.  
Bad weather on the way back home.  

Rincewind and Mampfred[edit]


Rincewind and Mampfred[edit]

See here.


  • Land
  • Juja: Earliest Geohasher
  • Juja: Drowned Rat
  • Rincewind and Mampfred: Honorary Pub Geohash