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Thu 3 May 2012 in 43,3:
43.4324494, 3.3331714

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The hash was in a vineyard, about 4km east of the town of Servian, with its 13th century church, in the Herault region of southern France. It is between the larger regional towns of Beziers and Pezenas. The hash locality is named after the much bigger city of Montpellier in the south-east corner of the 'square'.



On Wednesday 2 May 2012, I realised that the hash for the day was within striking distance of where we were holidaying; and, that we had even been in the area that day. Too late! The next day, I had some hopes of getting there, but the day turned out to have different objectives.

Retro expedition[edit]

On Friday 4 May, the objective and the target were nearby, so I suggested to my "significant other" that we do the hash. After many wrong turns amidst the small roads of the Herault, she was fed up with geohashing and map-reading, and was not interested in being in the picture I took. We back-tracked out past the nearby 'Hermitage' (now a wine producing cellar) and then also past the more interesting Chateau de Coussat that also produces from its vineyards.

A successful retro hash, but frustrating in the last few kilometers of French D-roads (and, worse, the vineyard roads!) The pictures were re-sized in the evening, and uploaded (and the hash page even created) when a free WiFi was next available.

I finally got around to writing it up on 2012-05-14.



I can not see how I can claim ANY achievement, even though:

  • it was my first 'overseas' hash, because there is no award for that;
  • I took my (reluctant) spouse, because I could not get her into the photo (so no proof);
  • it appears that a Gratuitous Ribbon might not even be possible, except.....
Ate at myponga.png
1PE Peter earned the First Overseas Graticule
by going to a hash in a graticule that is overseas from my home country. (43, 3) geohash on 2012-05-03.
2012-05-02 43 3As Servian-L'Herault-France.JPG

But, wait...

Peter earned the Globetrotter achievement
by visiting hashpoints on 2 continents.
1PE earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (43, 3) graticule, here, on 2012-05-03.
2012-05-02 43 3As Servian-L'Herault-France.JPG

  • Land geohash?