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Mon 2 Apr 2012 in 56,13:
56.3651944, 13.7465287

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East of Vittsjö, Hässleholm, Skåne, Sweden.


Llavids, son and daughter, friend of daughter, a journalist and a photographer


To make a visit to a geohash while being interviewed and photographed for a newspaper.


A journalist contacted me as team Llavids was fairly active in their graticule (55, 13) and they wanted to write an article about geohashing. Of course we had to make a successful visit to a geohash to get the necessary photos, and a Monday would be the best way to do it. When I checked the coordinates for this Monday they were in the the sea, but in 56,13 it looked fairly accessible, even if it was a bit to drive. We had better try for this one, because we had no idea whether there would be any better coordinates or weather before putting the article to print.

The journalist and the photographer drove from Malmö to our house, and we packed all in a 7-seater and drove off. It took about an hour to get to the parking space just 1 kilometer south of the geohash. The road in the forest was used for lumber transport and we could get any closer and even could have been possible we needed the walk for the photos to be taken. So we walked north and didn't see much else than a normal Swedish forest and timber harvesting.

When we got to the geohash it was in a piece of timber harvesting area. We noticed some elk droppings and began to take the necessary photos. We marked the spot with a XKCD marker of sticks and twigs. Since it was windy and there had been snow in the air we placed ourselves on a better place with the forest as protection and more in a direction of the sun to get more comfortable. I had brought sandwiches and coffee and we had our combined picnic/lunch there before walking back to the car to drive home again.

(The article will be uploaded as soon it is printed). (The OSM map edit will be added when OSM is online again).




Llavids earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (56, 13) geohash on 2012-04-02.
Media Geohash.jpg
Llavids earned the Media Attention Geohash Achievement
by being immortalized in the hearts of others during the (56, 13) geohash on 2012-04-02 ..
Llavids earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging doughter, son, douther friend, 2 persons from the media to the (56, 13) geohash on 2012-04-02.
Llavids earned the Picnic achievement
by eating Coffee, sandwiches, cinnamon buns at the (56, 13) geohash on 2012-04-02.