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Wow, no comments on this yet?! A geohash with the media, that's awesome! Did they already publish something about your expedition? Please link anything that's linkable! :) -- lyx 20:41, 5 April 2012 (EDT)

Will do as soon as the article is ready for print. - LLavids 07:12 17 April 2012
Article added, no link possible. --LLavids 12:47 25 June 2012

I've just seen this as you added the article, nice one :) - Mampfred 06:49, 25 June 2012 (EDT)

Looks like some of the articles get published here at a later time. Maybe we'll get lucky so I can throw Google translate on it ;) - Mampfred 07:32, 25 June 2012 (EDT)

How did I miss this expedition? Congratulations! Yay for publicity! --ilpadre 12:13, 25 June 2012 (EDT)

Thank you. Unfortunately I haven't yet heard from anyone who have read the article, so it's probably not that widespread. --Llavids 19:59 19 September 2013