2012-03-17 51 -2

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Sat 17 Mar 2012 in 51,-2:
51.9936191, -2.0928919

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Pamington, Nr Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, UK


tansuo and Metta


We had a choice of Geohashes today, and I did a little pre-planning: looking at maps, working out how to get near to the hash locations. Eventually we chose the one slightly closer to home. Looking at maps, real paper ones :-), I 'd worked out that this hash location was in the middle of field and that it was unlikely we could reach the exact coordinates. What the heck we'd see how close we could get ...


So ... we drove to the village of Parmington late on Saturday afternoon. As we got near I checked the map and worked out where to turn off the main road. Well that was the plan. Road sign: motor vehicles forbidden, except for access ... hmmm. Ok find another way around then.

Ten minutes later the car is parked, getting all our gear together, Satnav, maps, boots, coat, camera, hats ...

Then we set-off down the road to find the footpath that goes closest to the field in which the geohash is located.

I wander up and down a bit, reading satnavs (two of - one wrist mounted, other hand held). Metta wanders off to look at the views across open countryside towards Bredon Hill and other unknown hilly ranges; the sheep and lambs in nearby fields, and to see what's round the next bend in the wide path we're on.

On one side of the field with the sheep in, contained by electric fences, there was a gate from which we could see the Malvern Hills on the horizon this was about 130m away from the hash point: 51.99269°N, 2.09169°W. Drat, foiled!

Trying the otherside of the field and the closest we got was just over 100 metres away: 51.99394°N, 2.09149°W. Double drat, foiled again!

Oh well better luck next time, we might even find out where Starvall is at some point ...



The field was surounded by a hedge a ditch and an electric fence - only a small one to keep livestock away but having touched one before ... not going there again.