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About me
Hello, I'm Alexander and I've started Geohashing having previously sought out Geocaches.
My friend stumbled on to Geohashing as she been reading XKCD and thought it might be fun. I've got the kit so we started our adventures!
Back after a break of nearly a year!

Attempted Geohash finds:

  1. 2012-03-04_52_-2
  2. 2012-03-06_51_-2
  3. 2012-03-17_51_-2
  4. 2013-03-16_52_-2 Telford Town Park, Telford, Shropshire, UK.

Tech used
For the those who want to know the technical details, I use or have used:

  • Garmin nuvi 550
  • Garmin Foretrex 401 in the future
  • Nexus 4 running GPS Essentials (version 3.2.8)

The nuvi is best for navigating to the site as it best used in a car. The Foretrex is good for a final approach as being wrist mounted it is easy to take a quick glance to find out where I am. In addition it takes AAA batteries so it is easy to carry spares. GPS Essentials can be configured to displace location, date and time - essential for confirming the hash find.

Hint for those who have a nuvi 550: On the main screen, press and hold your finger on the satellite-signal-status icon. After a few seconds you should get a display of the satellite constellation, signal strengths and most importantly your location in your preferred grid format.