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Sat 21 Jan 2012 in Norwich:
52.4743653, 1.7163425

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In the middle of the tidal river at Oulton Broad, just below the lock gate.


Expedition - Fail[edit]

If this hashpoint had been a very short distance further west, above the lock gate in the non tidal part of Oulton Broad, it might have been possible to hire a rowing boat and complete the expedition. However it's unlikely that the rowing boats would be for hire in January so this was a double fail. Below the lock gate, only sea worthy craft are allowed. Access to the sea is via Lowestoft harbour.

On this day, Sourcerer was suffering from a head cold with several very wet sneezes per minute. Under other circumstances he might have visited the marina and tried to blag a mini-cruise from someone doing boat maintenance. It was really wet and windy so perhaps no-one would have been about.

The broads are attractive man made lakes created by historical peat digging. They now form a major nature reserve covering much of east Norfolk and parts of Suffolk. The broads are reached by a network of tidal rivers and canals.


Had I researched this hashpoint more carefully, it would have been obvious that it was unreachable.

At first glance it seemed to be in the middle of a built-up area only a few miles from my home. So ALWAYS have a good look at Google maps or Earth!

Failures come in threes.

Sourcerer earned the My kingdom for a boat consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (52, 1) geohash on 2012-01-21 by an impassable and unforeseen through lack of research tidal harbour waterway.

2012-01-21 52 1 Sourcerer.jpg

Expeditions and Plans

Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Featherbed Rd., within the Sourlands natural preserve in Hillsborough.
Portland, Oregon niece #1, niece #2, Michael5000, ma5000, Jim, Mrs.5000, pa5000 Gabriel Park in SW Portland.
Shuniah, Ontario User:Jack1254 A short distance from the main road in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer In the middle of the tidal river at Oulton Broad, just below the lock gate....

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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