2012-01-21 45 -122

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Sat 21 Jan 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4743653, -122.7163425

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Gabriel Park in SW Portland.



  • Not sure when, but I think I'm going to try to swing by. I guess I should aim for 2PM. Any other takers? Jiml 21:14, 20 January 2012 (EST)
  • kydlt Bummer that I couldn't make it. Everybody's there, and in a park too. However, I just got power & net back @ 15:30. Snowed in up here.


Michael5000 & Entourage[edit]

This hashpoint was about a half mile from my parents' cottage, so the possibility of a multi-generational Expedition presented itself immediately. After much phoning and texting and what not, Mrs.5000 and I picked up Niece #1 and then Niece #2 from their homes here on the beautiful East Side, and then proceeded to the Multnomah Village neighborhood to round up the parents. From there, the expedition proceeded to the park in a two-car convoy and parked just as a cold squall opened up on us.

A flag was ceremonially planted. A few pictures were taken. And then the convoy proceeded back to Multnomah Village for yummy after-Expedition lunching at Marco's.

An unqualified Success.


Jim set out for the hashpoint from home, but ended up going right through downtown Beaverton, which proved to be have major traffic congestion, followed by more traffic congestion. He thought about trying to go around, but couldn't come up with a good alternate route. As a result it was a little after 2 by the time he got to the park and hoofed it to the hashpoint.

He didn't find anyone else there, but he was pleased to see a little red flag right in his path as he came over the rise towards the hashpoint. He figured it actually was a hashmarker, as opposed to the tag he found on one of the trees on the way to the hash point, which merely identified what kind of tree it was.

He took some pictures and waited around for anyone else, but gave up and went home to get ready to head off to the Cornelius Crab Feed, where he ate lots of crab and supported one of his local volunteer Fire Departments.



  • Land Geohash
Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Ma5000, Pa5000, Niece #1, and Niece #2 to the (45, -122) geohash on 2012-01-21.
2012-01-21 45 -122 group2.JPG

  • First Expedition for Ma & Pa5000.