2011-09-18 49 -122

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Sun 18 Sep 2011 in 49,-122:
49.1259597, -122.5505765

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  • Robyn going by Skytrain + bike, then going back in the hashmobile.
  • Wade going by motorbike.
  • Pi going in a hashmobile with relet

Meet time is 3 p.m. Today's battleship location is: E 2


It all worked as planned. Best smelling geohash ever. Robyn tried to find the owners of the amazingly scented strawberries to ask if we could please eat four (one each), but the only people in evidence were Mexican labourers wiring raspberry canes. Robyn asked them how many tables they worked in Canada per year (Robyn's Spanish is not very good) and they figured out she meant months. Pi has the photos, so expect them around February.

Also Fraser Highway has way too many traffic lights and the 502 bus is stalking me.