2011-07-27 -31 115

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Wed 27 Jul 2011 in Perth:
-31.9712474, 115.8318358

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Like all the best affairs, short but beautiful...


The hash is in Perth's most important park, Kings Park. The park is the oldest public use park in Australia and the largest inner city park in the world. The hashpoint is only metres from one of the many walkways and overlooks Perth's Swan River.




This is a very quick hash only 15 minutes drive from my house, towards my old university. I drive up the freeway along the river, northwards to the city then west to one of the entrances to the park. With all the rain, the park is looking beautifully green although unfortunately the sky a bit grey! It takes only a few minutes and a few more "hi!" "hello!" and "good afternoon!"s to all the walkers to get there, take a few snaps and get back to the car. The only downside is that I haven't left myself enough time to spend relaxing in the park.