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West of -30°: .4146480, .6271943
East of -30°: .9712474, .8318358
Globalhash: 84.824526348209, 119.46089619058 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Perth, Australia Phi-loci-raptor Kings Park]. The park is the old...
Portland, Oregon Michael5000 On SE Kronburg Avenue, near Highway 99E between Milwaukie and Gladstone
Schweinfurt, Germany Rincewind, Mampfred A field just outside of Erfurt.
Hull, United Kingdom Monty's third of three hashes this day In the village of Fangfoss, North Yorkshire, UK
Sheffield, United Kingdom Monty's second of three hashes this day Beamsley Moor, Yorkshire Dales, north of Ilkley. In the middle of moorland...
Manchester, United Kingdom Monty's first of three hashes this day A field, near Cockerham, Lancaster, UK.
Iława, Poland JRK Long, long expedition from my home graticule. 6 am - leaving home on a trai...

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