2011-06-21 53 -1

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Tue 21 Jun 2011 in 53,-1:
53.3528047, -1.3978951

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A shed behind a house in Frechville (nr Norton), Sheffield.


Monty passed by


The day before, while pursuing the 2011-06-20 53 -1 point which was not a mile and a half away, the actual location was surveyed but attempts to talk to the home-owner in advance couldn't get a reply. But as it wasn't too far too divert to, on the day itself Monty decided to go by the house on his way home, anyway, and work out whether to go ahead with the full expedition.


Parked up, a little down the street, an agonising minute or two of indecision occured while wondering whether it was worth attempting. But suddenly a neighbour arrived home and Monty (not the best person to approach total strangers) was spurred into action and decided to talk to the neighbour.

Things progressed quickly to the stage of actually talking to our hashpoint's landowner and getting permission (despite it being quite obvious that the explanations made just weren't really explaning anything, due to nerves) to go into the back garden ("Mind the steps, don't fall!") and take the requisite photos.

Honestly, it was no great achievement, in real terms, but a legitimate (and solo) Ambassadorial Achievement is now due to Monty, which he considered a bigger achievement than any number of "finding that one spot on the moors without a GPS" instances that he has succeeded at.




Photos TBA. (Probably limit it to the two of Monty and the Shed, to protect the privacy of the houseowner.)


TBA, but will include the Ambassador achievement one, for certain.