2011-06-20 53 -1

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Mon 20 Jun 2011 in 53,-1:
53.3562170, -1.4198862

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The back garden of a semi-detatched house in Intake, at the south side of Sheffield. Or so the usual overheads say.


Monty swung by the street concerned, with but a small diversion on the way home from work.


Being a private house, I thought I'd try (for the first time ever) knocking on the door/ringing the bell/fleeing the pet werewolf(* delete as inapplicable). "Hello Sir/Madam, no I'm not selling anything. Do you realise, that...". Or however it might have gone.

After that turned out how that turned out (assuming it didn't result in a night in a police-cell, or at least a late evening's-worth while they checked out my story), I thought I might wander a short distance down the main road to another house, in Frechevile, to pre-emptively check if the owner of that place would allow me to visit his shed, the next day, in similar circumstances.


In short, nobody home. Or at least nobody replying (two vehicles in the short driveway, but that probably means nothing). The house itself plainly had (old, but assumed current) radio-ham gear poking out over the side-extension, so I had for a moment hoped that whoever lived there might have some sort of interest in mass-communication, at least the idea of the internet and thus the concept of Geohashing. But who knows... I decided to hastily scribble a personal note upon the AG-sheet and depart, unfulfilled, but only after a quick wander round to the 'backs' (a public area behind the house) just for curioisity.

And thus I continued onwards to scout out the next day's Geohash. Walking past the houses to and then back to count the semi-detatched buildings and identify the one I wanted from the only low-res overheads I had brought printouts of (the aerial images available via the ActiveGeohash page), I definitely found the place, with several visual markers agreeing with heretofor unidentified features on the overhead. With two side-doors (a nice new-ish UPVC one with a letterbox, and a rather older wooden door with a bell-push) I tried a brief amount of both bell-pushing and knocking, but no response, so posted another hastily scribbled note. Incidentally, from the rearmost (bell-bearing) side-door, it was but a moment's bend of the torso to look around the back corner to see the back garden and the fabled shed, exactly as expected.

It's possible that I'll revisit this address tomorrow, but I may not be so easily passing by that way, and there were less signs of the occupant being Geohashing-friendly, and possibly an resident of extended years, so currently I'm of a mind not to disturb them.


No GPS. (Had to give back the one I'd borrowed, and hadn't yet managed to get the home-made download cable working...)


Have pictures (of this day's locale's frontage), but need more time/better internet connection to upload a whole glut. Soon? I hope so.


TBA. Definitely averted: Ambassador. Nobody talked to, to arrange access. Overall, probably nothing 'real' achieved.