2011-05-04 28 -81

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Wed 4 May 2011 in 28,-81:
28.0649321, -81.9760917

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Under a tree.



Program the GPS. Go.


This was definitely one of the easiest and probably the shortest geohash I've ever done.

The hashpoint was under 15km straight-line distance from where I'm staying in Florida. Due to a combination of lakes (in Lakeland? Really?) and private property, most roads don't go straight through for very far, so I had to drive away from the hash for a while, tangent to the hash for a while, then finally get on a road heading towards it. The hashpoint happened to be one block to the side of a major thoroughfare which changed names several times but remained the same road from the hashpoint area down to where it crossed the street where I'm staying. It also happened to be a road I'd used before, so I didn't bother with a map, just remembered that the point was to the right and I should take the right turn immediately after my GPS needle swung to show I was abeam the point.

The hashtree was beside a church. I parked in the church driveway, walked over to the tree, barely had to GPS-dance at all, took a couple of pictures, and left.

Even though the hash itself wasn't very exciting, it was exciting to finally get one after being here for two months! If it hadn't already been at the end of a long work day and after dinner and after 7PM, I would have cycled there on my cheap FL bike. Next time, bike.



Rhonda earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (28, -81) location, which is in the yard of the New Hope M.B. Church, on 2011-05-04.
2011-05-04 28 -81 church.JPG