2011-03-27 59 10

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Sun 27 Mar 2011 in 59,10:
59.9159722, 10.5487657

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A snowy field near Avløs station.

Today's battleship location is: F 10



relet: Take a bus to Avløs, walk a few steps, and then spend the rest of the day in Sandvika.


  • In the bus to Sandvika. Yay for going hashing again! -- relet @60,1150,10,2825 12:13, 27 März 2011 (MESZ)
  • It is kind of funny when the speakers on someone's phone are more audible than his own voice. -- relet @59,9476,10,3903 12:45, 27 März 2011 (MESZ)
  • Sandvika station, waiting for the connection to Avløs... -- relet @59,8943,10,5251 13:03, 27 März 2011 (MESZ)
  • The sign 'danger of avalanches' near a road in the city is curious. -- relet @59,9147,10,5518 13:22, 27 März 2011 (MESZ)
  • Hmmmm. Two buses that went missing. Weird and annoying. -- relet @59,8931,10,5252 17:26, 27 März 2011 (MESZ)



Truth can be found for 40 kroner and 20 minutes driving. 
Reaching the destination street 
Who are these people. Could they be...? 
Definitely geohashers! 
Marking the spot in biodegradable PLA 
Anders and relet, two stupid grins out of three 
"Visitation" signs were (almost) pointing us to the geohash 
While the train is under construction, we lay ski tracks instead of rails. 
The entrance to a geocache. 
One of its inhabitants. 
Not your regular box size. 
Another inhabitant. 
A box for the tradeables. 
Took a wrong left, and then up the hill. 


Mona and Anders earned the Earliest geohasher achievement
by arriving first at the (59, 10) geohash on 2011-03-27.
Mona, Anders and relet earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting a complete stranger at the (59, 10) geohash on 2011-03-27.