2011-03-10 49 -123

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Thu 10 Mar 2011 in 49,-123:
49.2800028, -123.0906415

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The not-so-sketchy part of Vancouver.



WildSnail stopped by earlier in the day to scope things out. Perhaps he might even wright more about it here...


thepiguy woke up at the crack of 11:00 and fumbled around looking for hashsupplies and bus fare so he could meet the planned meetup time. He arrived a few minutes before 12:30 to find the school yard was full of (surprise!) school children. He was contemplating how to best stake out a hashpoint at an elementary school without being arrested, when two more geohashers arrived.

Wildsnail and Fern introduced themselves and the three geohashers stood around discussing... nothing in particular. They waited around until the meeting time, but when Wildsnail had to leave and no one else had shown up, thepiguy decided to sit on a bench in a nearby park and wait for the children to head back inside.

thepiguy returned to the scene of the crime just after 1:00 so he could get a picture at the correct location and then headed back home.