2011-03-03 26 -80

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Thu 3 Mar 2011 in 26,-80:
26.1039271, -80.2120848

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On a suburban street near the Turnpike and I-595.


Million zillion


The hashpoint is about 4 miles from my office, so I decided to pop over during lunch.

This plan was complicated by my daily 12pm conference call with my boss. If there was ever a good reason to have a cell phone, this is it. I also felt very determined to reach this one because we haven't had a good accessible (and nearby) hashpoint in this graticule since the start of the year.


I took the conference call on the way to the hash. (Hands-free! Really!) When I reached the entrance to the neighborhood at the intersection of Peters Road and SW 49th Avenue, I found that the road was detoured because of construction. I drove around a bit to a nearby driveway where I could get my bearings with a map app.

At about the time that I figured out an alternate path to the hashpoint, my boss decided that the meeting was over and I was able to continue my spontaneous adventure in peace.

As far as I can tell, this entire neighborhood was being repaved. I parked in front of a house on SW 47th Avenue, which seemed more easily passable by car because the repaving there was mostly complete. I walked the rest of the way to the hashpoint on SW 47th Terrace, which was, at the moment, entirely unpaved. I took a few pictures, and then left to get some lunch - before 1:30pm, when my next call was scheduled to start. >_<