2011-02-03 52 13

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Thu 3 Feb 2011 in 52,13:
52.3719191, 13.5056903

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About 40m from the airstrip of airport SXF, Berlin.

Today's battleship location is: F 4



  • Land on the airstrip.


  • Landed on the airstrip. I had originally planned to record a tracklog to see how close I have come to the hash, but the GPS did not get a good fix after coming closer to the Earth. So all I can claim is that we have landed from the East, rolled past the geohash, and then took a right turn onto the next taxiway. So we should have passed the hash by about 40m. That's pretty good for a hash on an airfield, but not really within uncertainty limits.


None. But here's a tracklog of a flight in the opposite direction on another day.


Would be an admit one and restricted area - if reached 
Landed - I was seated on the wrong window, too 
No fix