2010-11-21 51 1

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Sun 21 Nov 2010 in Canterbury, UK:
51.9714152, 1.3468424

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A small bottle bank in Taunton Road, Walton, Felixtowe, Suffolk, UK.




Sourcerer Neil feared the hashpoint was right inside the bottle bank but it turned out to be about 2.5 metres south east on a grassy lawn. Three miles south of the haspoint there is a car park overlooking the Felixtowe docks. The foot passenger ferry to Harwich leaves from here too. This is an interesting spot with a good view with lots of shipping activity. Really big container ships dock here and the tugs are docked close to the car park.

Neil's Garmin hand-held satnav had gone into hiding but Geohash Droid worked really well on his smartphone. Time to tidy the house!

Retro visit[edit]

Two of three spanning midnight - 2016-07-03 52 1 - 2010-11-21 51 1 Retro - 2016-07-04 51 1 - ETA 23:45.

The hashpoint had drifted at least 8 metres since my last visit. It had crossed the road. The bottle bank had gone. This point drift seems quite common between visits and shifts up to 10 metres are not unusual.

Photo Gallery[edit]

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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