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Sun 28 Nov 2010 in Cambridge:
52.8809510, 0.4843471

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A snowy wood of beech and oak, west of Snettisham, Norfolk, UK.




After visiting friends for a weekend of beer and curry, Sourcerer, Neil diverted a few miles north of his direct route home to take in this hashpoint. After a picnic in the Royal Sandringham woods (in the car because it was +0.5 Celsius), Neil drove to Snettisham and then went for a one hour circular walk taking in the hashpoint.

Being ageing and grey haired has its advantages. The "Private - No Public Right of Way" signs, without glasses, looked identical to the frequent "Public Footpath" signs. Neil had completed his trek to the hashpoint before realising the route was forbidden. As the paths and clearings to reach the hash looked identical to the public path and Neil met no-one on the whole walk, no harm was done. The hash was about 150 metres from the public path.

The temperature had been sub zero all day but it had warmed to +0.5C for the walk to the hashpoint so the Frozen Geohash award was just missed.

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The gps track log has been saved on Wikiloc.

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