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West of -30°: .7785229, .6466549
East of -30°: .7745109, .6169430
Globalhash: 49.411953830452, 42.09947256667 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Auckland, New Zealand Greenslime, JimmyNZ Edge of an estuary, Whenuapai, Auckland
Springfield, Illinois Dvdllr Parking lot for the "Office of the Auditor General" in Springfield, Illinoi...
Malmö, Sweden llavids In the field outside Dala, Hörby, Skåne, Sweden.
Oslo, Norway Blóðøx, Bønna, anon, Isdronningen, eiggen Forest, close to Nesodden, Norway.
Tampere, Finland Mukkelus Poikeluksentie 1373-1411, 34330 Ylojarvi, Finland .

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