2010-11-04 -36 174

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Thu 4 Nov 2010 in -36,174:
-36.7745109, 174.6169430

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Edge of an estuary, Whenuapai, Auckland



Oh no, JimmyNZ's turf again. This hash is highly likely in, or on the edge of a mangrove swamp which is near impossible... Well, there are degrees of impossible, depends on how exciting one wants to make it. Will scope it out this evening, will take old shoes


Yet another sea-side hash, got to love Auckland! I had three conflicting indicators of this hash location. The Google map street map showed it to be in the water, satellite view showed the point to be in a bushy patch, which I thought were mangroves and my GPS showed it to be on a blue square, probably land. Well I went along at mid-tide prepared for mud, and was pleasantly surprised to find the hash point was actually tar sealed! I parked at the top of the hill, meandered down, and took some photos. Check out the baby chickens, awww. There were some sky divers in the sky too, not something you see every day, or perhaps you do around here, the Air Force base is just up the road. This hash was only a few km from my previous hash on Herald Island, and we wont even mention how close to JimmyNZ's workplace...