2010-07-27 52 0

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Tue 27 Jul 2010 in 52,0:
52.2848056, 0.0498021

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Right on a public footpath through the golf course in Longstanton, just NW of Cambridge. Should definitely be accessible, but look out for flying golf balls.



I am aiming to cycle from Cambridge, setting off about 1:30pm and arriving a little after 2pm. I intend to make this a double hash with the 2010-07-27 52 -0 expedition, and also to make the whole journey a Tron achievement.

This requires careful planning, so here's the route that looks best. Leave the house heading north, cross the King's Hedges Road and head out of Cambridge on the guided busway. This crosses a public by-way at Brook Field, a farm just east of Longstanton. Head into Longstanton from there, but turn right at Magdalene Close and go up the footpath onto the golf course, approaching the hashpoint (on the path) from the south. After taking photos, this will leave the way clear to go north from the hashpoint and exit the golf course by the car park gate, then go off to Conington for the second hash. After that, return to Cambridge on the Madingley Road, allowing me to approach my house from the south, up the Milton Road. And if I leave by the back door and side gate, and return through the front door, every single metre of the journey will be Tron. Hurrah!  :-)


Expedition successful! Left home nearly an hour later than planned because I was waiting to see if it would stop raining (it did). Got to hash point just after 3pm. Took photos. Moved on to 2010-07-27 52 -0 hashpoint.

More details later.