2010-07-27 52 -0

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Tue 27 Jul 2010 in 52,-0:
52.2848056, -0.0498021

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A few metres into a field northeast of Conington village. Should be accessible if I can avoid crop-trampling.



I am aiming to cycle from Cambridge, via the 2010-07-27 52 0 hashpoint. I'll set off about 1:30pm and will probably arrive in Conington sometime around 3pm. I also intend to make the whole journey a Tron achievement.

This requires careful planning, so here's the route that looks best. From the previous hashpoint, which I approached from the south, head north on the footpath and leave the golf course by the car park gates. Take the road to Swavesey, then turn left and aim for the A14 road junction. Cross the A14 on the road bridge, but don't follow it round to join the A14 west, as this goes under the bridge again and invalidates the Tron route. Instead, turn right off the road into the trees at the edge of the field, and walk/cycle along the farm track beside the A14 (believe me, much better than cycling along the A14 itself) as far as the Conington turn-off. The hashpoint is in the field to the right. Take care to approach from the northeast and leave to the southwest.

To get home, either take the roads through Knapwell and then back along the old A428, or the (more interesting) route over bridle-ways through Boxworth, Lolworth, Bar Hill, Dry Drayton and Madingley. Either way, enter Cambridge on the Madingley Road, and head up the Milton Road, allowing me to approach my house from the south and enter through the front door. Hopefully I'll have left through the side gate and headed north, which will mean that every single metre of my journey will be Tron. Hurrah!  :-)


Successful expedition. Crawled through brambles, fell into a ditch and got savaged by raptors. Hashpoint reached, but keeping the tracklog clean for the Tron achievement proved difficult and may not have succeeded. Splendid cycle home, despite all the thunderbugs.

More details later.