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Fri 23 Jul 2010 in 52,13:
52.2208321, 13.0318562

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While we were originally headed for a water hash on Lake Skirmish (Scharmützelsee) in 52,14, our general lateupness, laziness, the ticket prices and the lack of other participants made us head for this hash in Beelitz instead. It's a meadow in a region famous for asparagus.

Today's battleship location is: A 3


  • relet celebrated his second geohashiversary on the water. You're invited!
  • lyx



The regional train goes right until the lake. They rent paddle boats, electric boats, other boats, you name it. There is a ferry too, and we will most probably bring our rubber boat.

Feel free to set up some planning if you have the time to do research. We would probably set out some time before noon, try to reach a place where we can set a boat to water, meet at the hash with all the boats you can muster, take a lake tour, and then find another nice place to hang out. And try to do some research about where the boat rentals are, so that we can pass these on the way. We'll be busy this evening however, so if you find something out, feel free to post it as a plan. -- relet 14:28, 22 July 2010 (UTC)



Lyx does the Borussia 
(a)Wannsee harbour 
This one is cute. 
Our companion in the train 
Beelitz train station is a work of art. 
Lovely East-German gates 
Spiderlyx! Spiderlyx! Does whatever spiderlyx does! 
How to disguise your socialist block housing. 
Old cinema 
Brandenburg is wheat. 
Yummy ice! 
Beelitz is asparagus! 
And.. chickpeas? 
But definitely wheat. 
Warm temperatures make for overgrown channels 
T'is a weir. Is spiderlyx a weirlyx? 
Weir indeed. 
Along the way... 
Geohash is a - cowpat. Thanks to our extraordinary sincereness, we could refrain from writing xkcd into it. Barely. 
Proof of location with feet. 
Les grin stupides 
In this graticule, at least I can make use of my remaining hashcards 
The brook we had to cross was already forded 
Traces of... roe? deer? 
Mostly wheat. 
Dates of arrival and departure of the first storks of each year. 


relet earned the 2nd Hashiversary achievement
by attempting a hash point exactly on the 2nd anniversary of his inaugural geohashing expedition.