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2010-04-10 53 -0

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Sat 10 Apr 2010 in 53,-0:
53.1513277, -0.6384178

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[edit] Location

Another empty field! This time it was very close to Haddington, which is between Newark and Lincoln.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

A summery weekend was much improved by a Saturday geohash. The geohashing difficulty level in the Hull graticule on this day was set to "walk in the park" - which almost made things too easy.

After discovering that this hash was achievable location from Bluecont and David's base of operations for the weekend and more importantly that there had been no previously documented hashes found in the graticule this one seemed too good to resist. Happily we were able to find time in the afternoon to go and find the point.

A relatively straightforward journey along the A46 brought us to the hashpoint, followed by some lucky guesswork by Bluecont led to finding parking spaces intended for cars. The terrain was both flat and dry limiting the difficulty of the off-road portion of our journey. With a brief pause to examine the medieval dovecote we continued to the hashpoint.

At one point it appeared the way was blocked by a locked gate, but a small amount of investigation led to the discovery of a footpath which took us very close to the point. A little wandering around with a GPS device enabled us to walk in circles around the geohash till we found the actual point. Astonished by such success we decided to return to our point of origin.

[edit] Pictures

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