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Thu 11 Mar 2010 in 50,12:
50.8358529, 12.1241861

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After my successful midnight expedition in 50 11, I took a good nap and went to work in the morning by bike and planned to fetch the 50 12 geohash as well after work. Since it was still around or below freezing point, the whole trip to the village southeast of Gera and back by bike would have been a bit too much. So I decided to take the train to Ronneburg and just cycle back home. I have to admit, that I don't like using public transport (for other people it's ok, because it keeps the roads free for me), but in that case it was a good solution, especially because I still had to earn the public transport achievement.

So, I started from work at 18:00 and rode 5 km to train station Jena-West. I successfully bought a ticket there at a teller (long time since I did it), which needed five attempts to recognize my 5-Euro bill and stepped into the train on schedule at 18:22. I didn't have anything to read or to listen to or anything else to do and was very bored until the train got me to Ronneburg 45 min later.

From there I followed the prepared GPS track and quickly got to the hashpoint, which was less than 10 km from the train station. It was 160 m into a field, but due to the frozen ground, partly covered with snow, it was okay. After taking the standard uninteresting hash-field-at-winter-night photos, I continued the bike trip with the priority of finding some food. Last meal was lunch and I was getting quite hungry, now that it was about 8 pm. Sadly, I didn't find anything to eat in Gera, but I was only crossing it in the southern outskirts. Knowing that several smaller villages were coming up next, I was getting quite panic. (As I already said, I didn't have anything to read.) I wasn't actually afraid of dying, because I was using roads with occasional traffic, but as I knew, how it felt to cycle with hardly no energy reserve, I really prefered finding some food. Well, luckily I passed a pizza and doner kebap store in Münchenbernsdorf (25 km from the train, 15 km from the hash) and bought a doner there. The shopman packed it in aluminum and a bag, so I thought, he maybe wanted me not to eat it in his warm shop, and thus I rode on for 2 km and ate it beside the road outside Münchenbernsdorf in the dark. While recharging myself I got a SMS from Manu, but couldn't answer her that I was doing fine, because in that instance the cell phone battery was dropping from two bars to less than zero (meaning that it turned off). Now I had to hurry finshing my dinner and cycling home, because I didn't want Manu to worry more than necessary.

Got home after 73 km of cycling with 1083 m ascent shortly before 11 pm.

-- Reinhard

You probably could also have taken a taxi for this price.  
The train is coming baby ...  
Waiting is boring.  
Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard at the hashpoint.  
The hash field.  
Reinhard's rescue.  
Hungry geohasher.  


Reinhard earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 12) geohash on 2010-03-11 using public transit.
Reinhard earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2010-03-11. It's a Double Hash.