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Tue 2 Mar 2010 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0468236, 12.0411442

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In a field between Tremmelhausen and Tremmelhauserhöhe, about 5km northwest of Regensburg.


The point was 3.5 km away from my home, and exactly to the north. I made a "small detour" (of about 10km and 1.5 hours) on my way to work to get there, despite starting only around 10:30, far later than I had intended to.

Some north-facing parts of the way were still icy, so I had to push my bike for about half of the duration (but not the distance) of the trip, which you can see in the time-lapse video on YouTube. The last segment of the way had me push my bike along a meadow in the middle of a field (probably that part was too steep to use as a field so it stayed a meadow). I got to within 28m of the coordinates staying on that meadow, but didn't walk onto the field, as there were already crops starting to grow on it.

The way back took a lot longer than expected, since the field tracks around the hash and up to Tremmelhauserhöhe (a hamlet on top of the... well, not a mountain really) were half ice (so I had to push) and half mud (so I had to cycle carefully and very slowly so as not to get dirt all over the clothes I planned to go to the office with). From Tremmelhauserhöhe back to Regensburg, the road was clear. I finally reached the office around 12:30 (just in time to miss lunch).

I've been at the edge of the forest about 20m north of the hash, with Tomcat, on 2007-10-28, scouring the area for an RC model airplane we lost; but I didn't take pictures that day, and proving a Déjà Vu Geohash just by the GPS tracks is boring ;)

Panorama at the hashpoint.