2010-02-21 48 11

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Sun 21 Feb 2010 in 48,11:
48.1965597, 11.1560514

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W of München, S of Mammendorf, close to the village of Egg. Easily accessible (train, then walk).




Time to 1-up the score for München's graticule!

Y'all, I might be interested in checking out this Sunday's location in München's West, almost revisiting 2009-04-24 48 11 and 2009-04-03 48 11. S-Bahn or RB from München (or RB from Augsburg and beyond) to Mammendorf, then walk. Not sure about the time yet, no other plans for the day (Sundays are awesome!). I could adjust to others' plans, if anyone else wants to go. --Zb 11:45, 20 February 2010 (UTC)--Zb 11:37, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

Tryin' to make it for sunrise. --Zb 03:23, 21 February 2010 (UTC)


Zb left the house at 5 am by bike for München's main station, went by train to Mammendorf, arrived at the geohash at 7:09 just before sunrise, stayed for a bit and then went trainspotting during a long walk via Mammendorf and Haspelmoor to Althegnenberg, from where he took the train back to München, arriving home at 12:15 pm. It was beautiful.


Early Trains to Mammendorf.

Before we get to the coordinates, here's what might be a nice twist to pictures of things revisited. To have the following pictures count in the revisited category, we would have to use not a geocentric system of coords, but a train-centric system. This would completely mess with the idea of geohashing, but I'll explain anyway:

Do not fear. I won't really tag the pictures with the Revisited category.

At the Coordinates

Revisiting 2009-04-03 48 11 (cf. Revisited).

Back to Mammendorf, ...

Luckily, a bakery was open at 8:20, so I could get some delicious croissants and rolls for my 2nd breakfast. For the record, it was below freezing.

The day was still young, so I decided to do some more walking towards and along the railtracks. I went to Haspelmoor and then to Althegnenberg, where I got on the train again back to München. Many of the following pictures score in more than one of my favourite categories. Yay.

The Aftermath[edit]

Bike: Kaputt.[edit]

Back on my bike in München, just when I turned into my street, I found that my bike became very hard to steer because the bearings for the fork's motion in the head tube were totally worn out. Turns out that new bearings won't do because the part leading to the bar is completely stuck in the fork. In case I can get a replacement fork, this was the last adventure with the old fork. In case I can't get a replacement fork, this was the last adventure with this bike. Let's hope the latter won't come true...

Wikipedia: Improved.[edit]

Some picture I took during the expedition may now be found in the German wikipedia article about the RR line from Augsburg to München.