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Fri 24 Apr 2009 in 48,11:
48.1548551, 11.1314059

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Very similar to 2009-04-03 48 11, which I had enjoyed a lot. Depending on my work situation, I might give it a try. Possible ETA 6:50p (local).--Zb 20:03, 23 April 2009 (UTC)

Zb's Expedition[edit]

The expedition was a walk of three hours, from and back to the train station in Mammendorf that's on the way of my daily commute.

This train took me to Mammendorf after work:

Most of the walk was along the same path I took on a previous geohash: 2009-04-03 48 11

I had planned to not take as many pictures in Mammendorf as last time, but there was stuff that soon made me change my mind. Maybe it's just me, but I really do think you don't need much fantasy to figure out why this piece of art is extremely weird:

Holy crap, what were the artist and the community board thinking when making and POSTING this thing? (cf. Image talk:2009-04-16 48 -122 otherwise posted.jpg for thoughts about the word POSTED.) I think the most ironic part is that it says No drinking water on the sign. Who would drink stuff that comes out of a thing shaped like this anyway?

Only some advertising posters were even more explicit (or stupid, or both):

Anyhow, on to Jesenwang. I came along the exact spot of my last successful geohash on 2009-04-03 48 11.

How the times have changed. I was here exactly three weeks ago, almost at the same minute of the day. The canola (rapeseed) has become way longer, the shadows, in turn, are now way shorter. Since both pictures were taken around 6:30p, the sun was almost exactly West of the spot when I took either picture, casting the shadows in very similar directions.

There's a small airport in Jesenwang.

Also, some planes that go to Munich's airport fly through the area. Thus, there's a lot of stuff in the air.

Jesenwang. According to both the words on this moving company's trucks and an ad for Bavarian milk, Jesenwang is where both boys and men are strong. I couldn't find any POSTED information about females in this town, so I can't really figure out how Jesenwang and Lake Wobegon compare, the latter having nothing but strong women, good looking men and children above average.

A comparison with the way how women are pictured on the ads in Mammendorf, however, would give yet another good reason why good ol' gender studies are still important in 2009.

If the aim of the mission would have been serious partying, I definitely came on the wrong weekend. The dates for the MEGAPARTIES are posted for either last Friday or next Thursday. As far as seeing Signs or FACE rocking the motherflippin' hell out of nearby Baindlkirchen, I had no luck either: They are scheduled to enter the stadium there not before early May. If they suck as much at playing their good ol' six-strings as they suck at typesetting their band names, I shouldn't be too worried, though.

Btw: Some days ago, I bought a crappy guitar distortion pedal at a flea-market for a few EURO-bucks. It is a type FX56, made by DOD of Salt Lake City, UT, and I am telling the truth when I say it really has the pathetic name American Metal. It has the exact same color as the poster for the rock event in Baindlkirchen.

But this isn't serious partying, this is serious geohashing. Leaving Jesenwang on its South end towards the location:

Oh, I get distracted again by something truly awesome: The power line right next to the coordinates is somewhat unusual: There's both a 50 Hz, three-phase system for the public electricity grid and a 16.67 Hz, single-phase system for the railway grid on the same pylons. Like, wow!

Since the power generation and distribution systems have been sold by the state and turned into private companies just like the railway system, it's wrong, strictly speaking, to still call the three-phase system 'public', but the sign for the railway system doesn't care either: It still says Deutsche Bundesbahn and not Deutsche Bahn AG.

Closing in on the coordinates.

Success! The very exact spot was on a field that I didn't want to walk on because it looked like seeds had just been put in, but I'll still count this one.

Good-bye, 48.1548551, 11.1314059.

While the sun sets in the West, the Alps glow in the South.