2010-01-01 51 7

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Fri 1 Jan 2010 in Dortmund:
51.6609511, 7.8701277

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Close to rivulet Ahse and the ecological farm of Mechthild Damberg. Also close to the participants' parents' home.



relet had pointed us to today's coordinates. The air was nice and cool. So my sister and I set out for a walk. After leaving our front door we basically had to take two turns in order to reach the street closest to the geohash. Yeah, and walk some kilometers in between. The geohash itself was to be found on an empty, open, muddy, probably ecologic, pasture. We completely forgot to build a snowman there, but tried to make up for it while waiting to be picked up by dad at the closest civilised crossroads.



lyx and Nora earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (51, 7) geohash on 2010-01-01 on foot.