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All locations: .6609511, .8701277
Globalhash: 28.97119320264, 133.24597895355 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Nogales, Arizona wyle, roadrunner, Wyle & RoadRunner Forest Service Road, south of Santa Rita Mountains
Los Lunas, New Mexico Redaragorn, 3 yr old son On the mesa between the Rio Grande and the Rio Puerco west of Belen -- near...
Albuquerque, New Mexico Redaragorn By a dirt road a mile off US 550 northwest of San Ysidro
Montréal, Québec Simonbas In Sainte-Thérèse near Blainville, near Boul. des Milles-îles
Dortmund, Germany Nora, lyx Close to rivulet Ahse and the ecological farm of Mechthild Damberg. Also cl...

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