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Sun 27 Dec 2009 in 52,13:
52.6419810, 13.4083750

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A former open mining area and now (hopefully) nature reserve in the north of town.



ETA 13:00


relet returned from the generic holiday holidays and discovered the hashes for today and tomorrow to be conveniently close to town, both almost exactly on the city borders. So, he hired once again the help of the electric mini (I dubbed him "Marvin") to transport him to what looks like an open mining area on the satellite images. OpenStreetMap designates the area as being a natural reserve - and since information on OSM is -if available- usually much more accurate, relet expected it to more of a young natural reserve.

Marvin and relet glided to the very outskirts of town, and it soon became apparent that much of the surrounding area now was part of the natural reserve. Eventually, after passing through the narrow roads of a garden colony, they encountered a gate. It was the exit gate of the garden colony, and fairly easy to open by hand - but since relet saw that there were a mere 300m to go, he parked the car instead and continued on foot.

He continued along the road until about the 80m mark, with the arrows pointing towards the thickets, a hill and a fence. None of these three are geohasher's friends. After walking a bit up and down the road, he discovered a convenient trail through the thickets, to a torn-down section of the fence and the base of the hill. He climbed half of the hill, as its shape still witnesses from its former mining function and bears several rows of circular tracks along its side.

Narrowing in on the geohash, relet managed to startle a sounder of four boars, which were hiding in the thickets. Fortunately, they decided that he was meaner and stronger than they were and took a run. He also saw two hares, an uncommon sight in this area, and some of the first he saw in many years.

Following the hillside tracks, the geohash came as close as 25m, then hid again in the thickets - downhill this time. Fortunately it was again the boars work that made the undergrowth more accessible. Eventually it was a coordinates reached. Relet left a card, forgot about the stupid grin, and returned to his car.