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Wed 14 Oct 2009 in 52,13:
52.1642309, 13.3248563

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  • A piece of forest near Alexanderdorf. They have a monastery there, and a disused Soviet airport further to the south.



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There's not much to say about this one. I parked the car in Alexanderdorf, not far from the hash. The hash was quite close, in the end of the woods right next to the settlement, and easily found. But as I meant to exercise my sore muscles (I overdid with the training on monday, and still feel them now) I had planned to walk in the direction of the airport, and maybe find a few geocaches on the way. It was a good bit of walking, and helped a lot with the muscles. With the caches I have been a little less lucky.. I did not find the first cache of a multi that would have led me onto the area of the airport, and therefore lost the motivation to do further sightseeing. However, I realized that a second cache (dubbed a multi, but really was not), lay nearby. This one was easily found, and saved me the day.