2009-09-19 50 -2

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Sat 19 Sep 2009 in 50,-2:
50.6525910, -2.6197312

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Beach meetup near Abbotsbury (Weymouth)


Macronencer and drag-along friend Nodders sermoa


OK, this will be CNR unless (1) the tide goes out a LONG way or (2) we have a boat magically at the last moment. However, as it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Nodders and I both have pirate clothes etc. ready, we thought it would be good to go and shake our fists at the sea and shout things like "Curse ye scurvy Dow Jones!" We'll be driving to the nearby car park, picking up sermoa somewhere along the way. --macronencer 16:37, 18 September 2009 (UTC)


Unfortunately, we did not even set off! Time was just too tight. Instead, we went and did a local geocache multicache, and had a good afternoon solving the puzzles. The buccaneer achievement will have to wait! --macronencer 17:15, 19 September 2009 (UTC)