2009-08-02 40 -89

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Sun 2 Aug 2009 in 40,-89:
40.5333294, -89.1774206

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The location was in a field just off of N West Street, on the north side of Danvers, Illinois.



Prepared by printing off various aerial views of the hashpoint - and since the hashpoint was in a field, also brought along several Ambassador forms, just in case. Also prepared the route I would take, which wouldn't cross over itself.


I left the apartment around 1:45 PM with wife in tow, who was going to act as my navigator and photographer while I was driving. Because I don't have a GPS, I asked her to take lots of pictures along the way, because I needed my route recorded in order to win the Tron achievement, should I make it to the hashpoint. The point was about half an hour away, just north of the little town of Danvers, Illinois. We passed through town on the way to the spot, which was about a stone's throw from the north edge of town. The hashpoint was very close to the road (in fact, if you put the coordinates into Google Maps, it directs you to the street address), but alas, it was not on the road proper. Because satellite views of the area are pretty grainy, I relied on Bing bird's eye views (helicopter, I guess) to show me where it was. The hashpoint was about 10 crop rows into the field. I could tell we were in the right place because of the triangle shaped indentation in the field just west of the hashpoint. It is August, after all, and the corn is tall and thick. There wouldn't be any possible way to get in there without damaging the crops; and besides, it's private property and it wasn't apparent where the owner of the crops lived. We took a picture of the hashpoint from the side of the road (or where it would be if you could see through the corn), and headed out back towards home.



Dvdllr earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (40, -89) geohash on 2009-08-02.