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Fri 24 Jul 2009 in 52,12:
52.3783235, 12.3920876

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A lakeside suburbia near Wusterwitz.



Yeah, you should have those. Without them, expeditions can take a lot longer than you expect. During the morning, Phoenix asked relet whether he would join him on a trip to the Wusterwitz lakes. In the afternoon, relet asked lyx. And so we went.


Oh, yeah, and we had planned to bring a fruit salad on the trip.

Well, this being that, lyx and relet both managed to be busy until 7pm, when they expected Phoenix to ring at their door. So we packed a bunch of fruits, two knifes, a yoghurt and a big bowl into a bag and headed downstairs. Phoenix was already there. Upon leaving the house, they realised that they forgot to bring music. Phoenix also reminded them that some cutlery would be helpful in handling the fruit salad.

Eight stories later, we were ready to go.

Phoenix drove, following a master plan of his own, avoiding the autobahns in favour of the more scenic routes. Lyx tried to follow using the map on the back seats. relet took care of the necessary distractions. Thanks to the navigation system, we managed to head into roughly the right direction nonetheless.

The weather was scenic. Meaning, on the one hand, that it was already getting late, and on the other hand, that we were heading into a decent rain.

Having passed the bad weather, some time later, we realised that we were exactly at the bus stop of our February 10 expedition. As the hash was close, we had indeed looked up the location before and thus decided to take a short detour for a few photos for the revisited gallery, and a view of the lake while the sun was still above the horizon.

Places change. Amazingly so.

We should probably have taken the fruit salad ingredients to this place, as hunger was spreading. And we still hadn't dared to mix the salad in Phoenix' car. But well, now we were heading towards Wusterwitz. Roughly.

We reached the street where we expected the hash to be. The place was a lot more built up, obscuring any view of the lake at this point. We stopped the car, and Phoenix and relet went to confirm at which point of the road we had passed the hash. We backtraced for a few hundred meters - and the backtraced our backtrace for almost the same distance when we understood that the "average position" feature in Phoenix' GPS would significantly drag behind the "current position" feature.

Coordinates reached and confirmed, stupid grin taken, we were still hungry.

We eventually found an access road towards the lakeside. Except that now it was dark. And cold. And we, admittedly, were a bit grumpy. relet decided to mix the fruit salad on a bench near the lake, and we then returned to the car for its consumption.

Moods went up, and we went home. Yay!