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Mobility training, of course!


Lyx and relet left home at about half past one. They had selected the Brandenburg graticule, thanks to relet's neighbour graticule hashfinder which indicated a sunny beach near Brandenburg city. This meant a trip to Brandenburg by train, and a safari on the local bus lines. It wasn't quite easy to find the departure stop for line 559, which operates under the name of 620 around an unlabeled corner of the main station, but they managed.

Thus arriving at the village of Wilhelmsdorf, they set out on foot along the well-marked hiking paths. They set out in style. Along the very well marked (if a little wet) hiking trails - they almost suspected a secret congregation of boy scouts at the geohash. For a while, the trail paralleled the rails of the regional (and possibly high-speed) train lines. They only saw a freight train and a regional one though.

After reaching the crossing, they could already see the lake which should harbour the hash point. And there was the beach! Lyx and relet quickly changed into their bathing suits, inflated the floating rubber oasis and spread out their towels.

Scratch that.

Lyx and relet quickly admired the thin coating of ice on the surface of the lake. Now, since the hash was suspiciously close on the shore on the satellite images, and suspiciously out in the blue on the maps.. now this is the suspenseful part. Would the hash be on land, on water or on ice? It was..

On ice. But just barely. TangoGPS indicated the hash to be some 8 meters off shore, on the other side of the thin strip of water and on the vast layers of ice. Relet was just about to consider removing his shoes and trousers and start wading, when lyx said: "Oh, I'll just climb over at the other end of the shore where the ice is closer to the shore". And that's what SHE did, despite all motherly concerns and anxiety from relet's part. Lo and behold! Hash point reached! I, relet, hereby nominate lyx not only for the Water geohash, the JesusFreaks aka "Walk-on-water" geohash, but also for the Ovaries of Steel geohash for doing something so incredibly daring just to reach the hash.

To recuperate from this adventure and to celebrate the success, the two spread out the lavish picnic they had brought in their packs. Grapes and apples, red wine and fresh bread sparked an enthusiastic discussion about life and art in general. Their spirits were inspired by the romantic setting of Manet - and so they quickly gathered two friends to recreate the famous scene.

After having shared bread and gaiety, it was time for the return trip. They discovered a bus stop near the beach, which even indicated that a bus would come within the next ten minutes. After having waited for ten minutes more, they decided that this would probably be the summer time table which is not removed during the winter periods. Indeed, when having reached Wilhemsdorf station by foot they discovered the bus to happily use its newly built turning circle and declare the latter its terminus. Later, they also admired the small litter boxes for invalidated tickets installed in the inside of the tram wagons (the German adjective "abgefahren" actually has many meanings, ranging from fancy, freaky via worn out to departed, none of them actually fitting the intended meaning of invalidated and no longer needed.)

Lyx and relet returned home at about 8 p.m.


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