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Thu 23 Jul 2009 in 52,13:
52.4849144, 13.7374708

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In a piece of forest near Grüne Linde (Green linden).



Just like ilpadre in Mannheim, I had planned to get into a massive downpour, as storms and rain had been announced for the major part of the day. They were meant to discharge the stuffy 31°C and high humidity atmosphere lingering about the place. I knew I had no choice but to go hashing, as today was my hashiversary. Well, I still don't have a proper Drowned Rat Achievement, so I might just pack my rain gear.


Time passed, and the first waves of rainclouds had passed Berlin on the radar, without having been noticeable from my excellent viewpoint of the big blue room. Weird. When more time had passed, and eventually hash o'clock had passed too, I decided to disregard the weather warnings and to disengage.

Not being fully convinced of the weather situation, I decided to wear my rain proof trousers anyway. The Internet can't be wrong! I rolled them up to my knees to accommodate for the fake temperatures outside and left.

The train trip was exactly the same as in Tuesday's expedition.. it was a little less crowded due to the earlier time, so that people would not have to demonstrate their excellent inability to stand up from their folding seats.

Arriving in Erkner, today's bike ride would lead me into the opposite direction. Using my hand drawn map, I managed to identify the correct roads towards Grüne Linde quite immediately. The place was a suburb of the next village, consisting of an unpaved sideroad and a house hidden behind the trees. The village had the house number three, meaning that there would have to be at least two more lots belonging to it. One of them could have been the one with the barn that I identified from the satellite imagery.

I entered the side road, took a photo of the barn (huh? why did it not make it to the gallery?), and discovered the forest track that would lead me directly to the hash. No detours today. Having misplaced all of my GPS devices, I proceeded a few steps into corner of the forest where the hash lay, but was unable to identify the hash tree for today. Being in a congratulory mood, I decided to congratulate them all. I then made a marker of pinecones at the crossing, for any unwary or wary passerbys. Indeed, I had not only misplaced my GPSes, but also left the cards at home.

The hashorama for today shows the three-way crossing of forest tracks right next to the hash. There is no geepeesy proof today.

The weather got considerably more windy, but only that. I had to face the wind on the way back, and proceeded ridiculously slow. But then, I wasn't in a hurry, as it would be just a 30 minute train ride home. And with the current shortage of uberground trains, the regional trains servicing the main city lines had doubled their frequency. Yay for that.


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