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Tue 21 Jul 2009 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0130359, 12.4742963

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In a forest northeast of Wörth an der Donau, 30km east of Regensburg.

The anthropomorphic number 27, in Lisa Simpson's mind during Girls Just Want to Have Sums


I had originally intended to do this hash in the evening after work, but for various reasons decided to try it in the morning, before going to the office. I actually managed to get up early enough to pull it off, and left home shortly before 6:00.

I knew the route through Regensburg, and along the Danube to Wörth, and I had even explored some of the roads and tracks up into the hills from there last summer. I went uphill on unpaved tracks through a small valley west of the hash, and headed to a geocache first. Got there pretty exactly at 8:00 and found it easily. While signing the logbook, I got several horsefly bites into my right foot, which subsequently swelled noticeably and hurt a bit over the next few days until I saw a doctor about it (first non-dental doctor visit I did in almost a decade!).

After a few more kilometers on rural roads, I entered the hash forest. The tracks I used were not on my OSM-based topo map yet - I had looked them up on recent aerial imagery (not Google Maps) and stored them as a route, which got me to the coordinates rather quickly.

I did a little GPS dance, parked my bike at the coordinates, took pictures and went a few meters down the slope, from where I had a nicer view out to the next hills, and took a couple of artsy infrared pictures. It was certainly a very nice place compared to your average forest hash :)

After what felt almost like an hour, I left again, made my way out of the woods and coasted back down to Wörth on a larger road. From next to the river, I called the office, announcing I'd arrive shortly before 12:00 (which is not that late compared to my usual working hours), and cycled the long way back to Regensburg with a bit of very helpful tailwind.

Panorama at the hashpoint
dawidi earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 12) geohash on his 27th birthday, 2009-07-21.
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