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West of -30°: .8846973, .9212991
East of -30°: .0361713, .8285036
Globalhash: -83.489163182037, 118.26131325399 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Shades of Death Road, Marble Hill, NJ.
Lockport, New York Splitdipless The point was on a sidewalk in front of an unused store in Whitby, near the...
Strasbourg, France Konrada A hashpoint within Freiburg on a sunny day -- going there was mandatory for...
Vernon, British Columbia her neighbor, Rhonda's mom Off a cat track high up on Sun Peaks
Halle (Saale), Germany Reinhard Reinhard assumed that this expedition could end without success, because as...
Västervik, Sweden Jonatan, Gabriel, britt, ulf When staying at my (Jonatan's) parents' summer place, we're really happy fo...

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