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Wed 15 Jul 2009 in 42,-72:
42.8763924, -72.4781617

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In a field in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.




Normally I don't like the idea of a long drive just for a geohash, but this one moves me closer to reaching a point in all four states in this graticule, so I went.

The best driving route from Springfield MA to Chesterfield, NH is through the corner of VT, so actually three states were involved in this hash.

The hashpoint was about 2km from Chesterfield, New Hampshire's cute little town center. I went into the public library for a moment and found that it was well-maintained and inviting. It's nice to see that people care about putting resources into their public library.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the sign that said "Speed Limit 2.5 mph" on the little road leading to the landowner's house. When I got out of the car I met the landowner, a friendly older guy, and I explained a little about geohashing and said I had come all the way from Springfield Massachusetts just to go out in his field and take a picture, and asked if that would be okay. He asked how he got chosen, and I said it was just random and he didn't really seem satisfied by that but said it was ok for me to go take a picture in his field.

I took no pictures of the landowner, his house, or his vehicles, because all I got permission for was the picture in the field and since this was a rural area in northern New England I was mindful of the stereotype of rural New Englanders valuing their privacy a lot. However, it's too bad my son wasn't there because there were several road construction vehicles - it looked as if the guy ran a little construction company. In addition, there was a big pile, perhaps a refuse pile, with several cars on top of it.

I followed the GPS out into the uncultivated field, which contained some pretty flowers. I marked the spot only with a feather, because I didn't want to put down rocks in the field in case someone came to plow it later.

I had wanted to do a quick hike in the nearby state park, but I didn't have time, because I had to get home and make dinner for my family.


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